So whats this ‘journey’ malarkey then?…

For those of you who read the Foodie Bugle feature on me, back at Christmas 2011, you will know, that life has thrown changes and challenges my way.
For those who didn’t see the feature, please click the link, go have a read, learn a little about me and my background.
So, having learnt about the GameKeepering, how I got started in Photography etc, we start with ‘The Journey’.
I had a huge response from the feature and was overwhelmed with the emails/messages which I received. Several people asked, if I would consider starting a blog? But, a lot of people were interested in the ill health part. What happened? What do I suffer from?
Very few people know, as its not something I usually talk about, but basically, I suffer from M.E also known as C.F.S
Right now, I suspect that you are in 1 of 3 categories;
a) What is that?
b) Oh, isn’t that that Flu type thing that lazy people suffer from?
c) I know someone who has suffered from that.
If you are in category C, then you will possibly know more about it than me!
Don’t even get me going on category B. I used to think that I was one of the fittest people out. I was working in a very physically demanding job, which you’ll probably realise, is usually carried out by men. I averaged a 100hr working week, 7 days a week and pretty much 52 weeks a year. It was a way of life, not a job. I worked hard, I still found time to play hard too.
After the shoot day collapse, I gradually got worse, as you will now know, I had to leave my Keepering life behind. I was devastated.
At the worst stage in my illness, I could barely pick a book up. I was completely exhausted and most of the time in pain. So for little Miss Independent to go from one extreme to another, has taken a lot of getting use to. (I still don’t think I have)!
Am I recovered? No, alas I am not. Am better than before though.
So, I get a Nikon and am at the beginning of my Photography journey. Something, which is enjoyed all the more, by having you on board. Also, of late, my health has knocked me back again. Grand plans to start 2012 with, have all temporarily been put on the back burner.
To try and help improve my health, I have turned to the help and advice of Andrew Baird, aka ‘Healthy Eating Coach’. I Met Andrew on Twitter last year and now consider him a friend, I saw a post he had made a while ago and it rang some bells. It is, like the Photography, very early days! One of the first things I need to do, is cut down on my coffee! So, be warned, I may get a tad grouchy at times! Andrew is already making suggestions for me to introduce into my lifestyle and diet. He has spoken a lot of sense and am hoping, that after all this time Andrew, may well be getting me on the right track. (No pressure Andrew). You can visit Andrew here;

By sharing this with you, I hope that I can learn from it and feel more encouraged in succeeding, knowing that I have ‘come out’ as it were.
I realise, none of it will be an overnight thing. But I am determined to give it a go. I have pictures to take!


One thought on “So whats this ‘journey’ malarkey then?…

  1. Thanks for sharing this Karen, very brave of you. I know what it is like to feel tired, I have an under active thyroid gland and although on medication I am always tired, even if I am not at work or if I have a good night sleep I still wake up tired, it is a horrid feeling. However I know in the case of ME there are a lot more symptoms that go along with it. Your photography is beautiful and I for one am pleased to have met you. Hope we can all help you and support you on your journey. All the very best for the future, Jacqueline xxx

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