The Behaviour of Ducks and Geese….

One road-trip for Basil, was a trip to Hornsea.

It was dull cloud when we set off and I didn’t hold out much hope of getting any photographs. We went to Hornsea seafront, to have a walk, it was surprisingly busy. Decided to cut this short, when Basil launched at someone sat eating a tray of Fish and Chips. Mortified and after much apologising, we made a hasty retreat! Then decided to call in at Hornsea Mere, to see what Bird life there was around.
All was very quiet and the Birds were just minding their own business, dozing, preening etc all was pretty dull.
All of a sudden, Basil barked and there was a flurry of excitement amongst the Birds, with Ducks and Geese coming in from all directions. I turned round, to see that we had company!
Great to watch the new visitors and amusing to see the lady reprimand any greedy ones.

After having their lunch, the Ducks and Geese decided to take to the water.
A burst of sun came and then, all it took, was one little splash!
WhayHay!!!! Pool Party!!!!

It was worth going out after all and came home with a full card and a contented Poodle!

Hope the behaviour of Ducks and Geese has brought another smile to your face.
Karen x


9 thoughts on “The Behaviour of Ducks and Geese….

  1. Oh, my. Words escape me. Your photographs are stunning — the detail, the textures, the action — simply amazing.
    I happened over to your blog on recommendation from Sonja McAlister of Shaded Faces — I’m off to thank her now for sharing this lovely treat! :o)

      1. Wow…such lovely photos of those such beautiful birds. What a trip! Excellent work Karen 🙂 xx

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