Danes Dyke, Part 1 …..

One of Basils roadtrips!
When we had the warm weather a few weeks ago, a trip to the beach was called for.
We headed to one of my favourite beaches here in East Yorkshire, Danes Dyke.
It is situated between Bridlington and Flamborough and is now a nature reserve.
Its name, comes from the large ancient ditch which runs through it (yes I am presuming, that it was formed by Danes? But would love to hear from anyone who knows about it).
There are various walks through the woodlands and along the cliff tops. We opted for a circular walk, which takes you through a wood to the many steps which go down to the beach, pausing, to take in the view, stunning. Then down on to the beach itself, before a steep climb through another wood, heading back to the central car-park.
It was an absolutely beautiful morning, can you believe, too bright for photographs almost! Basil of course, was very excitable. He never pauses for breath, just a constant pull, pull, pull, frightened he is going to miss a new smell or something! Do not know were he gets all his energy from!
Here are a series of shots from the outing, starting with one of the many quirky waymarker signs. Next, the view overlooking the beach, with the town of Bridlington in the background.
Then, on to the beach itself, with various views of it and armed with just one lens, I began to explore the sands, pebbles and rock pools for any coastal treasures. As you can see, the tide was well out. We were lucky enough to be about the only ones down there for about an hour, total bliss!
Basil of course, began to get impatient, he wanted to move on, there was a fresh scent in the air and he wanted to track it down!!
To be continued…..

A woman pointing the way.
Pausing, to take in the view
The beach is in view
A Sea of white pebbles greet us
Pull, Pull, Pull
The Tide was well out
The view to the cliffs
Another view
A Plane flys overhead
I begin to explore…
Lots of seaweed about
The water was crystal clear
An old mooring line and ropes
A view back to the woods and Dyke, I see more people starting to arrive!
Wondering what Basil was up to, he was actually sat for a while!
Boats now appear

6 thoughts on “Danes Dyke, Part 1 …..

  1. When you click on the photo ‘Pausing to take a View’ with Bridlington in the background – it’s absolutely beautiful Karen, like a picture postcard! That’s my favourite! Thanks for sharing as always

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