Danes Dyke, part 2…..

So, more people had arrived on the beach and Basil was getting restless, he wanted to move on, but I wanted to get a few more photographs first. Not only that, it was decided that Basil should have a paddle, not the best decision, as Basil doesn’t do water! But he managed to get a couple of paws wet.
Getting on for midday and not at all the best time for photography, we decided to make tracks. It was all uphill. Lots of puffing and panting (mainly from me) and lots of stops, to take in the views of course!
More people on the paths, meant more dogs also. Lots of exchanging sniffing going on with Basil. Saw a family of four ahead of us at one point, the little girl had a biscuit of some sort in her hand, coming from the other direction, was another couple (who could only be described as Wayne and Waynetta) with their dogs off the leads, running amok! Couldn’t believe it, when one of the dogs passed the little girl and grabbed her biscuit, the couple just carried on, laughing as they went. Lots of wails and tears from the girl. Basil growled! So, we decided to take a seat and let the paths clear a little. All seemed to go quiet again and we continued, now in the middle of the woodland, we were overlooking the infamous Dyke, crossing the bridge, then faced with steep steps, back to the car park! I paused up the steps, to photograph the trees (basically, just trying to catch my breath). By time we reached the top, even Basil was panting! Passing the overflow car-park, we noticed a car that we quite liked the look of, so decided to take a closer look. In the back window, was a business logo for breeding Collies. We set off again, to be greeted by a couple walking a pair of Collies! Basil began to go crazy with excitement and was beside himself! So this was the new scent he had sniffed on the beach!! Of course we had to stop and ask them about the car etc, lovely couple and yes, the Collies were ladies! All hell broke loose! Basil had serious designs on one of them and she certainly wasn’t declining his advances! Lots of lead tangling, yapping, tail wagging etc Basil was determined to pin her down (sorry, but really no other way of putting it)! Poodle on top of Collie, Collie on top of Poodle, all causing much embarrassment to us, yet much amusement to other passers by (there was even a small audience at one point). Basil for a short time, was in LOVE!!
We managed to separate Romeo and Juliet and said our goodbyes, headed for a coffee and a slice of cake, before returning home, getting feet up, exhausted with all that sea air!
Basil was yelping in his dreams that night! But woke the following morning, asking where abouts his next road-trip would be!!!

Determined to get some more Photographs
Liked the patterns in the sand against this Seaweed
Looking into Rockpools
Full of seaweed and plant life, some amazing colours, glistening in the sun.
With the tide been out, amazing patterns in the sand also.
So, decided to go for a close up!
Some patterns were man made.
Lots of Pebbles
Basil getting restless and a new scent was in the air!
Basils attempts at paddling!!
The Bridge over the Dyke
The steps are steeper than they look!!
I paused half way up to look at the Trees!
Even Basil needed a sit down at the top!
Basil getting amorous with his love interest of the day :-/

4 thoughts on “Danes Dyke, part 2…..

  1. Thanks for cheering me up Karen with your wonderful tales of Basil’s road trip. Some gorgeous shots you’ve taken. I particularly like the close textures of Pebbles and the lines in the beach. Super stuff….keep it up! Warm wishes, Helen

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