Diamond Days…….

The Queens DiamondJubilee and the long weekend has soon been and gone.
But, what a wonderful weekend (apart from the weather). Celebrations for many. Sadly, no street party here, I was hoping for one, wanted to try and reminisce the fantastic Silver Jubilee day, were the whole country came together.
We watched the Flotilla and the Concert. But, for us, we knew that these days were going to be the last quiet ones for a while. Lots going on here and ‘The Journey’ is taking a new direction, which I am hoping I can share with you all sometime in the near future.
So, after finishing a product shoot for someone and a day of lounging on the Sunday, the weather had finally improved slightly by Monday. Having taken delivery of the new Nikon D800 sometime ago, I haven’t really had chance to get going with it yet, I was keen to try out the Macro lens on it.
So, on Monday, that is what I did! Not leaving the house, I decided to see what I could find around the jungle of the garden, also, it gave me time, to think, ponder and contemplate the times ahead!
To be continued x

Vibrant Marigold
Verbena (please correct me if I’m wrong)
Pesky Aphids on my Mint!!!
I have lots of pieces of old wood around the garden for the wildlife, I just loved the texture and patterns of this, though, I must reshoot it!
Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do….
Holly Bush Flowers
Please, Forget me not.
Hawkweed/Hawks Beard
The Rabbits seem to have left this!
Another Fly!
Poppy Bud
And, can you work out what this is??

4 thoughts on “Diamond Days…….

  1. Hi Karen,

    You’ve really excelled yourself! Your Macro lens seems to be working really well….I’m not technical at all but you’ve achieved such stunning close-up shots of the flowers & love the wood!


    Helen 🙂

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