Sir Chris Bunnyington…..

Chris Bunnyington, woke up on the morning of Sunday 10th June 2012 and decided, that all though he hadn’t been on this earth that long, he was ready for an adventure.
He decided to go see the Head Rabbit and talk it over with him.
To do this, he had to ask Bigwig, if Gandalf (Head Rabbit) was available. Now on Sundays, it was usually a Rabbits rest day and Gandalf had a Dandelion party planned that very afternoon, to celebrate the births of the new litter, Hazel, Fiver, Blackberry and Pipkin.
Chris explained to Bigwig, what he wanted to see Gandalf about. After about five minutes of rolling in the grass with laughter, Bigwig decided to let Chris in to see Gandalf, he thought it would teach the cheeky little bunny a lesson.
Chris hopped through the door, to find Gandalf, sitting back, paws up, drinking Carrot juice. Gandalf raised an eyebrow and twitched his whiskers. ‘And what you are disturbing me for young Bunnyington’? Chris’s tail began to shake, but, in the strongest voice he could muster, he said, ‘Gandalf Sir, I am ready for a little adventure, I want to see Mountains Gandalf, Mountains’. Gandalf spluttered out his Carrot juice and raucously laughed, ‘Well, what a brave little Rabbit you are and I admire your spirit, but you are far far too young for adventures, what a silly Bunny you are’ Gandalf said, still laughing. Chris stuck out his bottom teeth, his ears flopped and he tried not to cry, noticing this, Gandalf said, ‘Now away with you, one day, you will have an adventure, go get your fur washed and combed for this afternoons party’.
So head down, off Chris hopped,  ‘I am not too young’ he thought, ‘I will prove it’!
He turned away from the burrow and ran down the main Rabbit track before anyone could see him. He saw a small track to his left, which he knew led down to the Weeping Willow, but he had never been down it before. It was a lot more shaded and very overgrown, he went under a tunnel of Briars and he came to a junction, ‘Hmmm which way to go’? Looking left again, he saw a shaft of light, thinking that may be the way out of the Warren, to the meadows, that is where he headed, off he hopped.
Lots of new grasses and smells, he suddenly came to the bottom of a hill, ‘Oh no, I must have taken the wrong turn, my sat nav must be wrong’? And,’how strange’ he thought, it wasn’t made of grass? Looking up, it looked very high, too high for a little Bunny like him, but! What if he went so far up? Just think what I could tell them all at the Dandelion Party, they wouldn’t laugh at me then! Chris began to climb.
After what seemed to be a long way, he then came to another junction. Only then, he realised, it wasn’t hill, it was a Tree!! An actual Tree! ‘Well, Dancing Daises’ he thought, ‘this is a better adventure, than I had ever imagined’, ‘No Rabbit had ever climbed a Tree before, not even General Woundwort, the toughest Rabbit ever known’.
His little mind began to race, ‘I will go down in history for this’, ‘Tales will be told about me at future Dandelion Parties, for years to come’. ‘I will get Medals and will be known as one of the greatest explorers of all times’.
Puffing out his furry chest, he began to explore the branches, climbing higher and higher, until he reached the top. He would carefully come back down, stopping off at branches to nibble on new leaves, they were delicious. He even stopped for a snooze at one point, but only to be rudely awaken by a Squirrel, who had to jump over him, because Chris was the blocking the way! He met Blackbirds and Robins, who had their young with him and then, he met Mr and Mrs Wood-pigeon, who were a building a nest!
He then realised, he was going to be very late for the party, so he had better run, but, he was also beginning to get a little sad, ‘who would believe him?’, they would laugh at him even more. All of a sudden, something caught the corner of his eye, he peered over the top of a branch, only to see, a girl stood looking up, watching him, not only that, she had a Camera! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He shook his whiskers and looked again, yes, there she was, he then heard the noise of the camera, of all the luck in the world, she had photographed his adventures! He closed his eyes, crossed his paws, hoped and wished, that this strange girl would tell his story for him! Chris Bunnyington would be famous! Off he hopped home, one very happy little Bunny.
The End.
Click on the pics to enlarge them x

Spot the Rabbit!
The Scale of his climb
Am trying to focus
His Silhouette
I was struggling to see him!
He kept going behind branches!
It was no good, I needed to change Lenses
With my 500mm, I could see he was eating.
Oooh, look, a leaf!
Just a bit of a tug
Having been woken up by a Squirrel!
Exploring a new branch….
Looking down….
Oooh, more leaves, yummy!
Pulling a face, at strange girl with Camera!
All up hill.
Pawsing a while, to admire the view.
A narrower branch!
A Hurdle!
One leap for bunny kind.
Ooops, its a long way down :-/
And whats this??
Bottoms Up
About Turn
The Steep climb down
Reaching the bottom of the trunk, where the adventure ends.

13 thoughts on “Sir Chris Bunnyington…..

  1. Nice bit of bed time reading, takes me back to my youth, sat at my mothers feet whilst she read “tales from the river bank” to me, as I slurped my warm milk, all snug in my flanelette jim jams & furry slippers !!!!!
    Oh no, my bad. I remember now, we used to be up at Wardale poaching pheasants after dark 😛

  2. Top story & piccies!! Thanks to the sharp eyes & skills of the girl with the camera the astonishing adventure tale of Sir Chris is now an integral part of Dandelion Party folklore for generations to come 🙂

  3. Absolutely remarkable! But, rabbits are often overlooked, when it comes to feats in the wild. I’ve tried capturing some moments from frenetic chases and mighty leaps, but I’ve never witnessed any leporine climbing. Many thanks for sharing such an exceptional moment, and so well!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and stopping by.
      I agree, Rabbits are often overlooked, it was amazing to watch and I keep looking out for a repeat performance, so I can video it 🙂

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