#FindBessie My Stolen Campervan….

Good Morning,
This is a plea for help post, please share and RT.As many of you will know, my Green 4WD Mazda Bongo Campervan, N545 SVY was stolen at Mansfield, late Thursday 14th, early Friday 15th June 2012.

Am asking you to keep an eye out for her. You really can’t miss her, think small Scooby Doo type vehicle. Please see the photos below, also ones of the interior, which is unique.

She has dark tinted windows at the back. She has a grey roof, which is an auto lift up.
There are Bull Bars on the front, with fitted lights.
There is the original Japan tax disc on the back window.
Sliding door on passenger side.
Sticker/stripes going all around the bottom of her body, saying Fulltime 4wd.
I am overwhelmed with the help so far, the power of social media. Using the hash tag #FindBessie is gaining momentum on Twitter. I thank you all very much x
I realise, in the grand scheme of things, she is just a car, but I feel strongly about people (been polite) been able to get away with theft etc. She is ours, not theirs! We have worked hard to get her!!
Any news or sightings, please contact Nottinghamshire Police, or even your local Police, or contact me.
Thank you again, your help is much appreciated xxx

Keep an eye open on your travels please x
Basil near his van, note the sliding door!
The Drivers side, note stickers around rim, 4wd!
A Mazda Bongo!
Bull Bar on the front!
The Interior, showing back seat, fridge and cupboards.
Note, heater under seat!
Interior looking from front to back.
We had this designed for us and done at Elite Campers at Worksop. It is Unique!
She is really Basils Van!
Basil Travelling in the back.
Note mirror over back door window!
Basil wants her found!
Note lights on interior roof and sliding hatch, into lift up roof!
Note grab handles, up the side of front doors!
Will Basil ever drive her again? Perhaps with your help, he might!!
Thank you again x

4 thoughts on “#FindBessie My Stolen Campervan….

  1. Karen, Ewan Crystal has just posted this up on My forum (www.volvovehiclesclub.org.uk) & I live very close to Blackpool I will keep my eyes peeled for it & have told our Forum Members to be vigilant as well

    Best Regards

  2. Im so gutted for you, I hope that everyone looks out for your campervan, hopefully someone will track it down, next time I would install a tracker or some other device to track via internet, and it brings down the cost of insurance, from an expert! Good luck

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