An Early Christmas….

This post, is a way of saying thank you, to some wonderful and very talented friends which I have. It is funny how everything seems to happen at once. And much to Basils disgust, it involved the Postman rolling up bearing gifts! (No, he isn’t Greek)!

It all began, when my friend Laine, posted some photos on Facebook, she had been busy painting some tins for her Garden. They looked so pretty and straight away, I knew I would be able to use them as props for future shoots. I asked if I could buy some from her, she refused! But, then said, that she would gladly send me some. A box arrived, containing 8 tins, a treat for Basil and the most beautiful card she had made, which is Parchment Craft. I loved her address label ‘To Kazzer at Yorkshire’ 😉

Next, came my new comfort blanket! A Knitting mystery had been taking place on Twitter, it lasted for several weeks and I knew that there was a fair bit of wool involved and I was having visions of naked Sheep roaming the Glens. And I could almost hear the clattering of needles down here from my dear friend Fiona. I am amazed at how much work and love,  Fiona has put in to it for me. I will treasure it and try to keep it away from Basil!! Actually, this wasn’t sent via post, this was handed to me personally. Fiona and Denzil had come down from Scotland to holiday at Whitby, we went and met up with them, a wonderful day, full of non stop chat and non stop laughter, full on belly laughs, it was great and I can’t wait until we see them again. Fiona is now doing a blog, which is great reading and also, I am mentioned too (thank you Fiona) > Not only that, but Denzil has written a book! ‘Whisky From Small Glasses’ here is his blog link, go have a read of the first chapter, it will leave you wanting more! I can’t wait for it to be published and wish him every success with it!

Having returned from our Whitby jaunt, another dear friend, Helen, began working on a sign for us (well, Basil). This is what Helen does, from her home in the Yorkshire Dales, she makes beautiful hand painted wooden signs. Helens sign, was delivered beautifully wrapped in brown paper and string, I loved that, it was great opening it. The Photographs, do not do them justice! Take a look at her website, she will pretty much take on any order and request. Barn Studio Signs, has been running for a year now and is going from strength to strength. I could not be more pleased for Helen and it has been my privilege, to see her business grow and for us to be on our working Journeys together.
Now, during all this time, I had entered a giveaway competition on Facebook, run by Lomond Soaps. To be honest, I had forgotten I had entered. But I could not believe it when Corrie contacted my page, to inform me that I had won!!! So, on the same day of Helen’s sign arriving, the Postie also handed over another box,which, inside contained a bottle of Liquid Soap, a block of Soap and a bottle of Hand and Body lotion. These are all natural and Palm Oil free. The scent is divine and they are so soft and luxurious. I will definitely be purchasing from Corrie’s site in the future! There are plenty of products to chose from, not only that, this small company from Argyll, Scotland, is a huge supporter of the ‘Orangutan Protection Foundation’ and very generously donate to this cause, from every soap sold! That in itself, is well worth buying for. Visit Corrie here >
My final delivery, was a small and delicate parcel. I saw an offer on Facebook by CathaDragonfly. This is a page run by Julia, who makes such pretty handcrafted items. The offer, was for one of her ‘Summer Birdie Houses’. I have had my eye on these for sometime and whilst I should actually be getting rid of things for the big move, I could not resist ordering 2 for our new home (when and wherever that is). I chose one and left it up to Julia to design another for me, her design was perfect. Treat yourself, or buy as a gift here >

So, basically, I am very lucky to have such good friends, not only that, but talented friends. And it just goes to show, talent comes in all shapes and sizes and I admire them all.
And I thank them all very much.
Karen x

Such pretty work by Matey Laine.
This is recycling at its best, I can not wait to use them, have ideas already!
And look at the intricate detail of Laine’s parchment Craft card.
Patience of a Saint I think!
My new comfort blanket from Fiona
Fionas clever Knitting (no, I can’t Knit)!
Blanket in full, it is so cosy and toasty warm.
‘Basil’s Pad’ Sign!
Of course, the next thing, was to photograph Basil with his sign!
The wind got up during our shoot!
Another shot!
Getting Arty with Basil
An apt card from Helen and Basil fell in love again and it is now pinned above his bed!
My prize from the Lomond Soaps Competition 🙂
My chosen Summer Birdie House
And the 2nd Summer Birdie house, designed by Julia.

15 thoughts on “An Early Christmas….

  1. I was lost in this little story/world. LOVE everything! all of it!! and one can see why you’re the photogrpher and I’m not :DDDD

  2. Dear Karen, what a lovely collection of products! and….what a lovely blog. It was a pleasure to make your sign and for Basil of course! The photographs are gorgeous. I absolutely love them. I have to say what a gorgeous blanket Fiona has made….very jealous! Thanks again for the photographs! Love, H xxx

  3. Lovely read 🙂 Basil is such a star and rightly looks very proud of his sign! Thank you for mentioning my products and I’m delighted you are enjoying them. Love the picture you took of them. What a great haul of goodies 😀
    All the best Corrie x

  4. You are such a lucky lady, Karen, how lovely is all this! Your little blog post has put a smile on my face to last me the day 🙂 And doesn’t look Basil grand posing with his new sign! xx

  5. Karen….
    Thank you so much for including me in your very interesting post..
    I am thrilled that you have ‘SHARED’ you wonderful purchases from lots of other Like-Minded Crafting types….ѕмιℓєѕ ♥
    I shall hoof along to the other BloG Spots that you mention now….
    Happy Day JuLia and CatchaDragongly x

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