Two weeks at Kirklauchline……

It is with heavy heart, that within the next hour we are setting off and heading back home. I think it will be a long drive at the pace of a Snail.

Before I write any more, I must say a big thank you to Alison Smith (aka @Kirklauchline on Twitter), for letting us rent her cottage for these last two weeks. Also, for introducing us to the beautiful ‘Rhinns of Galloway’. I think Idyllic, is the best way to describe it.
You can find out details of Alison’s cottage here… Also, find Alison’s Facebook Page here… Keep up to date, with latest news, events and special offers. Its worth it!

So, my ‘Journey’, has brought me to Dumfries and Galloway, for those of you who know me, it is a big change for me, I usually head to the Highlands of Scotland. I have been to this area before, but it was some years ago now.
A couple of people said to me, ‘Oh, you won’t like it as much as the Highlands’ and those people, also said, that I would regret been stuck out on a limb at the Rhinns. True, it is obviously not the Highlands, but we have fallen in love with the area just the same. As for the the Rhinns, well yes, you are out on a bit of a limb here, but, we have fallen in love with that limb also and we are hoping, praying and keeping everything tightly crossed, that this area will become our home in the very near future!

Having arrived on the Saturday 30th June, Sunday was spent, by having a lazy day at the cottage, mulling around the garden and breathing in the sea air and views. Then came Monday and Tuesday! Just dismal weather, a Jacket was required! So Monday was spent by browsing the bookshops of Wigtown (And purchasing several books)! By Wednesday, the weather had eased and improved slightly. Though, I can hardly remember the grey skies now, due to the glorious sunshine and blue skies which we have been lucky enough to have this last week.
So, how have we spent these last two weeks? Hectic, is one way of describing it. There is hardly a stone left uncovered here in Dumfries and Galloway. The whole point of this trip, was to find an area and possibly a house, ready for our big move.
We have done scores of ‘Drive By’s’ and viewed several houses. Taking in the views as we have travelled. Oh and plenty of loo and sniffing breaks for McBasil.
All this, meant that the Nikon has been feeling a tad redundant. Though am hoping I will have some photos to share with you, once back in Yorkshire.
It most certainly has been a fortnight of variety! Wildlife galore, though no Otters (yet)! And instead of me explaining it all, below are numerous iPhone pictures to give you an idea of places we have been and what we have seen!

Am switching off now, unplugging the Mac and away we go, knowing, that there are some stressful times ahead of us, but oh boy, what an adventure it will be too! And I can not wait for this part of ‘The Journey’ to start!
See you back in Yorkshire
Karen x

Loch Ken
Basil has landed at Kirklauchline!
We soon met the neighbours.
Lonesome Cow. An evening view.
Cheers (well, it is a holiday lol)
On a wet day, it was Wigtown. Lots of lovely books to chose from!
I bought a couple of books.
Below us, is Sawney Beans Cave!!! Took best part of a day to find the damn thing!
Note Ailsa Craig in the distance
Our new find, the Shimla Restaurant! A must visit!
The Mull of Galloway
The Nikon made an appearance!
McBasil enjoyed the fresh air!
Standing Stones
Corsewall Lighthouse
Corsewall Foghorn
Chocolate dessert
Couldn’t decide on dessert, so ordered the Cheesecake too 😉
LOVED this Blouse
McBasil doing his bit for a good cause.

McBasil sleeps!

Kirklauchline Cottage at night.
One of many Amazing Skies!

We even had some visitors.
Lots of House viewing. Am tempted with this one!
Ring Of Bright Water
For Gavin Maxwell
McBasil liked exploring
We let him help choose which houses to view!
…. and he was very keen to show us his choice!!!
It had extensive grounds!
All this property viewing, was very thirsty work!
And whilst the Audi has been great, McBasil began to get grander ideas!
(To match his Castle)!!
McBasil approved of this Cat!
Another property and this top window was the Office!!
And this was the view from the Office!
(Hence why I asked about Power Stations)! Am very tempted!
We headed into the Forest.

We took a wrong turn, but ended up going over this bridge, fabulous.
Just one of the many roads we drove down.
Charming village of Staiton

Foxgloves everywhere, just beautiful.
McBasil sat near Bruce’s Stone. Impressed with the history and imagining the scene.
Watching the setting sun
McBasil wanted to try traditional Scottish fare!

McBasil catching some rays.

One evening, in the middle of the Forest. Stunning.

Risked Dads Audi on the Raiders Road.

McBasil not happy in the back of the car!

Second from last night and it was time to rock the Nikon!
Hope it is not too long, before I am back seeing these Sunsets again.
McBasil saying farewell to the neighbours 😦

11 thoughts on “Two weeks at Kirklauchline……

  1. Dear Karen, you’ve outdone yourself with such gorgeous photos! The images of the forest and sunsets are fabulous as they all are. Hope you do get back to see them very soon! You also write a wonderful story of your journey! Much Love, Helen (aka H!) xxx

    1. Thank you very much H 🙂
      We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Hope it isn’t long before we return and hope it
      Isn’t long before you are visiting us there xx

  2. Nice post Karen and think I can safely say I know where most of the pics are ! I imagine you will have been building your network of contacts in D & G but as you probably know I reside here myself so shout out if you ever think that there might be any info I can help out with.

      1. Make sure and bring the weather with you again then as normal service has been resumed this evening #greygalloway 🙂 Please give a shout when your up again and you can tell me if you ever found Sawney Bean’s cave 🙂

      2. LOL I know how to get to his cave now. But its not made obvious, is it?
        Did wonder why there wasn’t any signs etc about for it?
        Will Defo shout next long trip 🙂

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