Memories From my Keepering Days …..

Just taken a phone call, have just been told the sad news of the death of one of my old Picker-ups.
Johnny, was a great guy, full of character and we have spent many hours together on a shoot day.
Whilst ‘The Journey’, is obviously Photography now, it is moments like this, when I look back to my Keepering days and yearn to be back.
I have said before, it wasn’t a job, it was a way of life. To succeed, it had to be. You had to love it and dedicate your life to it, that is the only way it worked. For those of you who know about it, you will fully understand. The freedom and nature, which came with it, was second to none. If only I had the Nikon back then! But, I had my compact camera.

I have been spending this last week, cataloging and sorting images out for something!!
But this news, has just made me reach for my old photo albums and have half an hour of reminiscing, taking myself back out in to the field. There are only limited ones I can show you at the moment, but, as usual, I will let them explain a small part of my story to you  x

I am 13 here and with my first Gundog ‘Jay’ who my Father bought for me.
I followed in my Fathers footsteps
I loved Fishing too
Feeding the Rides
Winters could be fun!
The Summers were glorious and I was on top of the world with views like this.
Out and about before others, seeing the daybreak.
I was in a male dominated world.
But I survived and worked my way up, earning my beloved Toyota.
I have seen grown men scared with my off roading 😉
A dear friend and fellow Keeper gave me this dog, ‘Bonny’.
She was a star and the most loyal dog you could wish for.
The time came, when I would breed my own line.
And here some of my ‘Mutley Crew’ and sidekicks.
I made lifelong friends, many good memories with these guys.
Out at Dawn
Flushing point, I began to get a name for myself and was accepted.
Lucky enough for one of the Guns, to fly me over the Estate!
I always had some favourites, this is ‘Big Fellow’. He would follow me through the woods and talk away!
After been up since about 4am, I could usually be found sitting with my Coffee breakfast at about 9am, Half an hour, then back at it.
I loved this quad bike!
well, everyone did, it was a great machine!
Yes, it was common knowledge that I had a crush on the MFH.
Jilly Cooper lol
Honoured to be sat between two of the countries best Gamekeepers.
Not knowing, that two days later, I would collapse ill and my life would begin to change.
…. and her owner Johnny. They wiped my eye, several times.
R.I.P Johnny, I will always treasure the memories, we had an absolute blast xxx

4 thoughts on “Memories From my Keepering Days …..

  1. Everything you do, comes to all those that love you, and have loved you…Sorry bout ur sad news, it will only carry you further.xox

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