Live, Laugh, Love …..

Sat out with a Coffee, waiting for the day to break.
It is about 5am now. Been up an hour already. Just sat thinking etc and something does dawn on me! I haven’t done a blog post for a while. Sorry.
On saying that, this isn’t going to be much of one, but more of an update of sorts.

These last couple of weeks, have just whizzed on past. And you could say, that life is very much like a Roller Coaster at present.
As some of you know, I had, well, lets just say, an unpleasant and totally un-nessecary incident a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, all is now past and forgotten. But, thank you very much again for your support, it was quite overwhelming, yet very much appreciated.

Still no news on Bessie and still ongoing with the Insurance Company, but hopefully, that is all going to be resolved any day now!
After the Dumfries and Galloway trip, it was soon back down to Earth and Yorkshire, with a serious bump! Reality struck and I have felt like a caged Bird ever since.
Basil and I are climbing the walls together!
House, well it is still on the market, but, please keep everything crossed for us and watch this space! Basically not wanting to tempt fate, but am starting to sort me Passport out for ‘headin’ oop north of border’! *Eeeeeek*!

Scotland, has been a long time coming and life is a funny ole thing at times.
I was moving up once before and was very close to doing so (e.g. had packed etc), but then, the Gamekeepering opportunity arose and obviously, I made that choice.
Though, Scotland has always had my heart all this time.
I have been asked, why Dumfries and galloway? It hasn’t been an easy choice to make, but yet is a simple one. it is basically due to commitments down here in Yorkshire. I need to be within easy driving distance.
Though, will only be getting a little of my heart back! It is up in the North west were my heart resides, Torridon and around there, is where it likes to roam!

Why this title for this blog post? Well, it pretty much sums things up and is a beloved motto I use with two of my dearest friends, Helen and Fiona.
Live; You just have to, good or bad. As my Twitter bio says, ‘Walk Your Life and Make It Count’!
Laugh; You can deal with things much better if you can and you have to be able to laugh at yourself! Have had the perfect example of that over the last 48hours and am hoping I can tell you why in a future post!
Love; Yes, I am in Love! In love with life.
Having to leave the Keepering behind and whilst been ill, I spent a fair bit of time, wondering if I would ever be in love with life again, but even on this current Roller Coaster, I am and it is amazing.
Hard to believe, that I have nearly done a full circle and am packing for Scotland again!

‘The Journey’ continues.
Karen x

Around Torridon
It is where my heart roams!
Possibly one of the best roads in the world!
On the Market!
Looking for a room with a view!
And hopefully will rock the Nikon when I get up there 🙂

3 thoughts on “Live, Laugh, Love …..

  1. Dearest Karen,

    What a gorgeous Blog update of your story to date. Thank you so so much for your mention. It means the world to me that you would include me here. Here’s hoping your heart learns to roam free in the North West of Scotland one day! I just know it will :-))

    All Love, Helen xx

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