Starting Again …..

Good Morning Everyone
Yes, it has been a long time since my last Blog post!
And not even too sure where to start this one!!!

So much has been happening, not all good and life has sort of been put on hold, well, more like the Photography has, whilst I have had to re-evaluate things and tried to get things sorted in my mind so to say!

So, ‘Starting Again’, it is not just my Blog I am talking about, but pretty much everything!
At the moment, I am sat typing this, in a wooden lodge at Port o Spittal, Scotland! It has the most amazing views and at present, am sat overlooking the North Channel across to Ireland.
And ….. this is now to be Basils and I’s home for the foreseeable future!
Yes, thats right, we have finally made that move up to Scotland!

Of course, I must be totally mad, to consider spending winter in a wooden cabin, with limited heating! Basil, is far from been impressed at the moment and I have yet to break the news to him that this is his new home! I sense a few tantrums ahead!
Was so cold in here this morning, we took a walk to go get warmed up and that reminded me, why I chose this place, as said, stunning views. And so peaceful too, the only sounds I hear (apart from Basil sighing), are the Birds and the Galloway Belties mooing every now and then. Bliss.

So, life is basically starting again and so is the Photography, which I am hoping to get established up here.
Where we will end up, I have absolutely no idea! Am just going to take each day as it comes. First and foremost, rest and try and get rid of this blasted Flu bug, which has flared up again with yesterdays drive.

There are new adventures waiting to be had, the Nikon is chomping at the bit and ‘The Journey’ continues.
Karen & McBasil x

Our View this morning, looking across to Ireland
But Basil preferred this! My new bedding!!!


Have already met a local on our walk.
One of our other views
The Skies are amazing
I mean, look, can you blame me??

3 thoughts on “Starting Again …..

  1. Hi Karen and Basil, congratulations on your huge move!! I didn’t realise it had happened already! The views look absolutely stunning, what a wonderful place to call home!
    I have no doubt your photography business will be back up and running with huge success very soon. Your images are stunning and I totally recommend you to anyone looking for a wonderful photographer.
    The images you did for my website homepage were fab!!
    So good luck in your new home xx

  2. Lovely Karen and gorgeous McBasil,

    What a lovely blog…have shared with all!

    You must feel like you’ve gone and landed in heaven! Didn’t take long for McNikon to come out and I’m not surprised looking at your wonderful photos so far.

    Both Terry and I send you and His Lordship all love and best wishes for your new life and career in a stunning part of the world!

    Eeeek! Can’t wait to tweet up on Thursday!

    Big Hugs,

    H xxxx

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