Rewind, Restart, ‘Again’.….

Good Morning All,

Thinking I should have titled this Blog Post ‘Freedom’.
Once again, am way behind with my posts etc, now realising, that I doubt I will ever get caught up. So, I have done a little video montage of my last year. These are Photos from key points/events (granted, some won’t mean a great deal to you).
Have put them to the song ‘Freedom’ from the Django soundtrack.
Love it when a song/music stays with you and means something to you. Feel the lyrics of this track are very apt for me.

As with many of us, have had a lot going on in life and I have let the personal side of things, hinder my work side of things.
But, am playing catch up now. Hence this video, then I can start afresh.
I Will tell what has been going on and how it has affected me in a future posting when I’m back on track and ready to.

I even thought of going offline for while, very nearly did (am sure a couple of people would have been pleased of that lol), but as with many businesses etc today, it is an crucial part of my Photography and without it, I would not have met many of you wonderful folk.

So, the first couple of months here at Ardmair have gone by in a bit of a blur, but have given myself a talking to, I am my Father’s Daughter and am made of stronger stuff than that.
‘The Journey’ continues again!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
Karen x

P.S If I have not done another Blog Post in within two weeks, kick me up the butt lol



3 thoughts on “Rewind, Restart, ‘Again’.….

  1. Karen, I loved your video. Those are beautiful photographs and I absolutely loved the song, what a perfect choice. Best of luck to you!

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