‘Coffee with Jacqueline’ …

Here is the very first ‘Guest Blog’ & I would like to Introduce you to Jacqueline who owns ‘Blue Anchor Bay’ and supplies TWSG with gorgeous items.
So, coffee was made & I asked Jacqueline some random questions ….

So Jacqueline, tell us how ‘Blue Anchor Bay’ began …
Three years ago when we moved up to Scotland we began to live our Dream, to live back in the country where we were both born and to live near the sea.
Also, I was not working so had a lot of free time. I had been thinking about having a Facebook page where I could share my love of the Seaside with others. I wanted a name that reflected this, my favourite colour is blue and I wanted something that had a symbol that I could use. Blue Anchor Bay is actually a real place in Somerset where we took the children when they were small. I chose the name and it became almost like a fictional place, which appealed to me as I was always a fan of Enid Blyton……The Mystery in Blue Anchor Bay!

Do you have a particular favourite piece of work?
Not really, I seem to love the piece I am working on at the time, I tend to fall in love with my work and not want to part with it!

Well what was the very last piece you worked on & fell in love with?
I have just made a set of Seaside Hearts, using buttons and a piece of typed message using my Vintage Typewriter, a bit like a fragment of a clue! …..

Describe your work area, is it cluttered or minimal?
I have a large room at the back of the Cottage which looks out over the Countryside to Criffel in the Distance. When we first came to look at the house I remember thinking ‘ I am going to put a table and chair at that window so I can sit and look out at the view when I am working!’ When I start a new project I clear my table completely and give it a nice polish, I then set everything out that I need. I always have books and photos to use as colour Inspiration. As I work and create things everything starts to spill out everywhere and ends up taking over the top of the sideboard too.

And whats the one work item you can’t live without?
My camera, if I cannot show off my work then I cannot sell it.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time?
When Hubby is at home and we have free time we often go shopping and have lunch out somewhere, when the weather is nice we will drive along the Coast, ie The Solway Coast, SW Scotland. We live in the very Beautiful and Rugged County of Dumfries & Galloway. When I am at Home Alone, I never have free time!….I am always busy!

Whats your favourite Film and why?
Such a difficult one, years ago it was always The Graduate, nowadays one of my favourites is Love Actually! It makes me laugh and makes me cry, I love the music and the layers, I am a Romantic!

Favourite Book??
I really honestly don’t have one. I like to read different things at different times of the year, I read Romantic novels in the Summer and Murder Mysteries in the Winter.

A Childhood Memory?
Going to the Seaside with my parents, we used to spend the Holidays with my Cousins which I loved.

What was your favourite Toy?
Haha, one that springs to mind was a projector. It looked like a torch but you slid a film in, it must have had about 8 photos on each, I remember there was Popeye and the Seven wonders of the World!

Your ‘haha’, leads to me next question, what was the last thing you really laughed out loud at?
My Husband!….trying to pour wine out of the bottle without taking the top off!…he was deadly serious and could not work out why it was not coming out!……sorry Jack!
(I’m sorry too Jack, as laughing loud here too – Karen x)

Whats your pet hate?
Too many to mention!….mostly at work!
I work weekends in a Garden Centre, I don’t like people being rude!…..I also have an issue with people wanting carrier bags for the most ridiculous items!…..and when they say it will stop the item from rolling around in the car!…..How???
Oh and I hate public toilets!

If you were an Animal, what would you be and why?
I would be a cat and just eat and sleep all day!
(Hmmm, think that could apply to Poodles too! lol – Karen )

Whats your Tartan? Or what colour would your tartan be?
My Father was in the Cameron Highlanders which means I am entitled to use that. I have to say I am not a big fan of wearing Tartan but I like it used in Decor.

Rob Roy or William Wallace??
Don’t have a preference.

Whisky, straight or with???
I cannot abide even the smell of Whisky.
My Father and my Husband got very drunk on it the New Year before we got married. They took the dog out for a walk in the snow and Hubby ended up falling over and banged his head. The mark was still there when we got married a month later.
(Sorry Jack, but am laughing again! – Kx)

Porridge, Water or Milk?
Definitely milk and I prefer salt to sugar

Mountains or Coast?
Definitely the Coast, with Mountains to look at!

How would you spoil McBasil for a day?
By leaving him at home!…..I am a cat person and not fond of dogs, sorry!
(Typing as fast as I can & getting this published quickly before McB sees!!- Kx)

Your favourite item from TWSG?
 I Love the Squirrel items

So, back to work, what can we expect to see from you in 2014?
 I Love trying out new crafts but I have not decided what my next project will be. I have only just caught up after having family to stay over Christmas and New Year! I have time off from work next week so I shall think about it then.
And finally, what advise, would you give to someone setting up their own wee business?
Not to give up! It is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. I know we all feel like giving up at times but you need to have people around who will support you and encourage you, in good times and bad. Follow your Dream and listen to your Heart.Thank you Jacqueline, great coffee & I have loved hearing your answers & learning a wee bit more about you – Kx
I would like to thank Jacqueline for her time and for coming onboard TWSG.
I just love her work and she is such a nice person and a joy to work with.
Jacquelines items can be found on http://www.weescottishgallery.com or contact us if you have something you would like in mind.
Also, If you have any Questions of your own for Jacqueline, then please post them below.
And you can also visit Jacqueline at https://www.facebook.com/BlueAnchorBay?fref=ts&filter=1
And here is Jacqueline & Blue Anchor Bay in Images
Karen x

Enid Blyton has to be one of the greatest authors ever!
Enid Blyton has to be one of the greatest authors ever!
Jacquelines gorgeous Summer House
Gorgeous Hand-stitched Notepad from ‘The Bird Series’ & available at TWSG
Ready for work!
Home Sweet Home
Jacqueline loves shopping, has great taste & an eye for detail.
Only today, has she bought this Le Creuset Jug, matching it with some of her Emma Bridgewater collection!
Coastal Loves & Inspirations
Crocheted Waves
Cameron Highlander Tartan
A Cat person!
Beautifully stitched in Scotland
One of Jacqueline’s walks
More of Jacqueline’s coastal collection
Gorgeous Vintage Typewriter
Beach materials just waiting to be crafted
Hand stitched Notebooks for TWSG
only 3 of the Winter Series left & on offer!
Contact me for details.
Buttons, Keycharm, Sachet
from Jacqueline’s travels
A layout & forming of ideas
Beautiful work
On the beach

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The lovely Jacqueline
The lovely Jacqueline


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