My Loch, My Mountain …

Stood out having a coffee & was just thinking how lucky I was and how attached I had become to Island View & Ardmair.
That I would so miss …
Been laid in the bath, whilst watching the Stags on the hillside.
The call of the Loons carrying across the Loch.
The freedom.
The feel of the Highlanders who were here before me, their spirit still lives on.
The majestic mountains and their ever changing colours.
The sound and colours of the water.
Watching the Trawlers and Ferry, wishing them safe returns on those stormy days.
Feeling like I’m the only person up here and at one with nature, as I watch daybreak with that infamous cup of coffee.
This is what it means to me. and I will miss it with a passion.

And ….
I will miss it.
As in about 10 minutes, McBasil and I leave Ardmair.

The journey has a new chapter ahead and we are very excited about it, though it’s with mixed emotions, we are saying goodbye to the old with heavy heart and part of us and our hearts will always be at Ardmair now and we will return to visit those parts as often as we can.
We are ready for another adventure!
“It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
Karen & McBasil x


3 thoughts on “My Loch, My Mountain …

  1. Hi Karen,

    Very poetic the way you describe your very mixed emotions leaving Ardmair – I remember years ago feeling very torn leaving a place I’d grown to love, so am aware of how difficult it can be.

    Just to wish you & McBasil the very best wherever your new home is going to be!

  2. Such a lovely blog and video ,must say they brought tears to my eyes !Wishing you and McBasil all the happiness in the world in your new venture:-) take care Karen , love xx

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