Back to Business …

Getting back to business, is something I will hopefully be doing these next couple of days.
Nothing has changed with regards to my work.
Karen Appleyard Photography is still the same, just based at a different location.
The Wee Scottish Gallery is still running online, orders still been taken etc, just not an actual gallery to visit, for the now!
But, there will be! *watch this space* !

Though please excuse these last few absent days.
Sadly they haven’t quite gone as planned.
Arrived at our new destination on Wednesday night.
Thursday morning, noticed McBasil not on form, but put this down to him been tired, stressed with the move etc.
Friday Morning, I thought I was losing him, as from Thursday evening, he couldn’t stand, wouldn’t eat, drink, wasn’t responding, breathing oddly.
The Vet was called out.
He was perplexed with his condition, McBasils heart rate was abnormally high too. Some blood tests were taken.
Within 2 hours, we learnt that, one of his Kidneys wasn’t quite functioning as it should, he was producing too many white blood cells, but also, too few red blood cells.
Fraser the Vet, thought he might be fighting an infection inside, so he’s now on strong antibiotics every 12 hours.
Unless he deteriorates any more, he is due to see Fraser again Tuesday morning.
When hopefully, there will be some improvement and he will have more bloods taken, the lack of red cells is the main concern apparently.
I have been beside myself.
Watching over him 24/7.
He has drank and eaten a little.
Is standing and walking again, (albeit very gingerly) though he is still far from right.
I so wish, that there was more I could do for him.
He just looks so weak, helpless and of course very miserable. He depends on me, yet is unable to tell me what’s wrong.
The vet said, that it is just coincidence that we moved and this happened.
So, the positive I’m taking out of this is, thank The Lord we had!
Fraser is just 7 mile away.
At Ardmair, there was over an hours travelling to the nearest vet!
What a stir we have caused in our first 48hrs here!
(Would also like to give my thanks to Marty and Caroline for their help and support on Friday too x).

Ardmair, moving, it seems like a distant memory now, but here’s another thing, I was not actually going to be leaving Ardmair myself until the 19th.
But I woke on Wednesday, thinking ‘leave today’. Odd thought to have, as it was the most beautiful day and one I just intended to spend with McBasil and the McNikon.
The nagging ‘must leave’ feeling, wouldn’t go, then, late morning, I discovered that some work items which I needed, had accidentally been taken to the new destination.
So my hand was forced, ‘McBasil, pack your case, we are leaving this afternoon’.
Of course it was all manic.
Apologies to a couple of people waiting on TWSG Parcels, they were some of the missing work items, they’ve now been found in a box and will be posted tomorrow.

New Destination, ‘Where are they?’.
Have we left Scotland? No, of course not.
At present, we are, let’s just say, in Lodgings, hence the majority of our items are in storage.
More changes and plans are ahead of us and once they start to take shape etc, then you will know.
There are exciting and busy times ahead these next few months, which I am just itching to get started once McBasil is back on his paws.
Though, I had thought these things were going to be taking place by May, it is now going to be June.
But this will now hopefully give us time to explore some different areas which we are wanting to do too!

So Scotland, keep a weathered eye on the horizon, for a Lass, Poodle & Nikon!
Chances are, it is us.
Karen & McBasil xx



2 thoughts on “Back to Business …

  1. Hoping McBasil gets well soon! Fate moves us in mysterious ways and yours was to move nearer to the vet which is definitely a good sign. Sending McBasil lots of good vibes to recover soon.

  2. Im so glad McB seems to be on the mend. look after yourself Karen, sounds like youve had another scary time. Take it easy and we need to have some lovely pics of you exploring your new abode xxx

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