April and Am I The Fool …

As from today, a new venture is starting at The Wee Scottish Gallery;
‘Challenge Karen’
At the start of each month, I will begin a new challenge, this will be something set to me by  TWSG Newsletter Subscribers!
And ‘Challenge Karen’ starts today!
April’s Challenge, was given to me by Margaret, I am to Crochet a Necklace!
No big shakes you may think, but trust me, IT IS for me!
Am so not domesticated and I do not even know how to cast on (If thats the right terminology?)
But, I will give it my best shot.
Then, at the end of the month (and hopefully with something which resembles a Necklace), it will be posted on TWSG Facebook page & up for auction!
Anything which it actually raises, will then go to a chosen Charity.
This will be a Scottish Charity, TWSG followers will vote for which one they prefer, which will be announced at the end of April.
The 5 to chose from, are as follows;
So please visit their Pages, Like & say hello to them all.
Now the Challenges, do not all have to be something to make, they really can be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! Indoors, Outdoors, BRING IT ON!
Get involved, visit www.weescottishgallery.com/LoveArdmair and sign up for the Free Newsletter!
Lots more to TWSG Newsletter too, including Offers, Exclusive to Subscribers only!
Cannae wait to see what challenges are set for me, though bells are ringing and with it being Aprils 1st, am wondering if I am the fool for doing this lol
Only time will tell and I will share my Challenge progress throughout the month!
So, pop over to www.facebook.com/TheWeeScottishGallery page, Like (If you don’t already) and see what occurs next!
Karen x

This Yarn, will become a Necklace! Handmade, by yours truly x




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