Salmon Fishing on the Tay

Today, I have had the most wonderful treat!

A days Salmon Fishing on the River Tay!
And I owe many thanks to Alistair for this and also to Simon, who owns Dunkeld House Fishings –

After seeing the Weather Forecast on Sunday, I expected today to be a wash out, but, this being Scotland, anything can happen!
Heavy Rain during the night, gave way to blue skies, with big fluffy white clouds this morn, perfect for my first day!

I arrived at Dunkeld House, just before 9am to be greeted by my Ghillie for the day, Jim.
And I had the pleasure of meeting Ghillie Gordon and 3 fellow Fishermen.
After Coffee and chat, it was time to Fish!

Jim would show and try to get me going with Spey Casting, excellent!
It was then into the wee Boat and away we went, armed with Spinning Rods in search of Salmon.
Am pleased to report, that I did NOT end up in the water, did not capsize the Boat, nor did I hook Jim with my dubious casting! *phew*
This double handed casting took some getting used to and I soon realised, I had picked up some very bad habits up at Ardmair!
After a morning of nothing showing, we would return to the log cabin, to meet up with the other guys and lunched outside.
After another Coffee, it was back to the Boat and this time we would head down towards Cathedral Stream, wow, what a view, an absolute stunning location, it did not matter that I had not caught any Salmon, as this too, is all part of the experience.
We had the most perfect view of the beautiful Thomas Telford Bridge at Dunkeld.
Not only that, we also had a great view of the Niel Gow’s Oak – the Fiddle Tree, It is here that many of Scotland’s best ‘strathspeys’ and ‘reels’ were played and composed by Niel Gow (1727 – 1807), the famous 18th century Scottish fiddle player. This spot provided inspiration for much of his music as he sat and I can now fully understand why!

All was quiet, just so peaceful and relaxing and I was quietly envious, of Jims perfect casting, whilst many of mine, were causing a wee splash, but then, suddenly came a BIG splash!
Not on my line, but Jims, I watched, as Jim would reel what looked to be a 7lb male in.
Then, 15 minutes later and an even bigger splash!
There on Jims line, was a 14lb +, easy! Fast, strong and smart was this particular Salmon.
I was in awe.
The smart part came, when he swung round the front of the boat, then, heading back under, which instantly severed Jims line and off he went.
Jim, had offered me his Rod, on both occasions, to give me the chance of reeling in, but today I declined, I saw them as his Fish.
But, perhaps nae next time!!

The day was coming to a close and we would sail back to the cabin, for another Coffee and to exchange our afternoons events with the others.
‘Would they be seeing me again’ they asked.
A most definite YES!
I had thoroughly enjoyed my day out and Jim was great company, showing patience, offering help and answering my many questions.
I was simply Hooked and look forward to my next visit to Dunkeld House and to tackle those Tay Salmon.
Karen x

P.S. What I did catch mind, was Sunburn lol

The McNikon had a rare day off today, but iPhone & Olympus Tough were in pocket.

My Rod and View

20140521-202053-73253562.jpg 20140521-202052-73252564.jpg 20140521-202055-73255571.jpg 20140521-202057-73257396.jpg 20140521-202051-73251646.jpg 20140521-202054-73254719.jpg 20140521-202050-73250552.jpg

Niel Gow’s Oak
The 1st Salmon
Thomas Telford Bridge at Dunkeld
Gorgeous Reflections
Even managed an underwater shot!
The end of the day

P5210021 P5210023 P5210026 P5210028 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P5210043 P5210047 P5210058 P5210066 P5210067 P5210071 P5210074 P5210077


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