End of a Chapter ….

Tonight, I have closed ‘The Wee Scottish Gallery’.
This chapter of ‘The Journey’, is coming to a close and its time to put it & Ardmair to bed before the next one begins (Fingers crossed, in 2 weeks time)!
It really has, been the most amazing experience & I thank each & everyone of you who have supported us.

If something isn’t sitting right in your life, go & ‘Change it’!
Easier said than done, I know.
But it can be done!

Here is a video, of how ‘The Wee Scottish Gallery’ came about.
Lass, Poodle, Nikon, head up to the North West Highlands, with practically nothing.
Leaving Family & Friends behind & knowing no-one up there.
There we find our true strengths & ourselves.
It is one of the best things we have ever done!

2 Songs on the video, which may seem odd choices, as the 2nd song says, ‘ And so they must depart, But Theres A Happy Ending’
And if you take nothing else from our experience, take the line from the 1st song…
‘There’s Nothing You Cant Do’!

Let ‘The Journey’ continue
Karen & McBasil xx
Story of The Wee Scottish Gallery

(Click to play
And I’m sorry if it disnae play on mobiles!
Thats the Copyright Boys on at me!)


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