We have moved to …

Highland Perthshire! (just).
Dumfries & Galloway led me to Ardmair.
And Ardmair has led me to here.
Am nae far from Bankfoot and only a few mile from the delightful Dunkeld, (which sits on the River Tay and those beasts of Salmon which swim there and which I think I will spend a lifetime trying to master!)
The Hoose sits below the Obney Hills and Glen Garr, from where the Garry Burn flows doon in front of the Hoose.
With rolling hills and fields and big tall Trees, I do not think I could have chosen another such contrast to Ardmair to match!
And this is where my love of Scotland & nature, comes together, with my Photography and even my experience from my Gamekeeping days (will explain that over the next few days).
Not only that, it brings me to another love that is Alistair, who I just did not see coming into my life!
Once we were at Ardmair, (and as you all know by now), we totally fell in love with life there. We were making plans to stay, I honestly thought we would be there for the rest of our days. But, then fate can throw a curve ball, your path changes and as they say in Scotland, ‘What’s meant for ye, will nae go past ye’.
And I’m a believer in that.
If I hadn’t gone up to Ardmair, I doubt very much I would have met Alistair and I wouldn’t be writing this post.
So, we have decided to be together, with of course, his Lairdship McBasil.
All this had to be ‘okayed’ by McBasil first!
But he loves it!
The walks suit him better and new smells have stimulated that Poodle brain of his! And there is wildlife galore and McBasil is just beside himself! He now has to take my commands via the whistle!
Even Basilika gets to use it’s 4wd more!
I am now in the perfect situation, to travel, see and Photograph the various Nature and Landscapes that Scotland has to offer.
Ideal for places, like one of my new playgrounds, Rannoch Moor.
And of course, I am only a stones throw from the former Scottish Capital, the city of Perth.
But first we need to get settled in.
There are a few boxes to sort lol
Yes, I am a serial hoarder and I regret nae writing better descriptions on said boxes!
I will make a start after a coffee 😉
Karen & McBasil xx




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