Farewell McBasil

This has been a very tough year for me and today has to be the toughest day yet.
It is with heavy heart and tears falling, that I let you know, that my trusted sidekick McBasil, passed away this morning.
The House is empty.
I have had Dogs all my life, but McBasil, oh boy, one in a billion.
I have been so very privileged, to have had his loyal friendship & companionship these last thirteen & half years.
And he has been with me on my Photography Journey since the beginning. When I next pick up the Camera, it will be the strangest thing not having him there with me.
The empty passenger seat in the car, the huge space on the room floor, empty sofa, no thudding up & down stairs. It is a quiet I do not like.
I will of course be taking him back up to Ardmair to say my final goodbyes to him. It was where we had ‘our time’.
I keep looking down and my shadow has gone, but I will never forget him.
I attach a Video of random McBasil moments with 2 tunes.
He was the ‘Woofing Best’


9 thoughts on “Farewell McBasil

  1. Karen, what can i say, nothing, I’m so so very sorry for your loss, but he will live on, in our hearts, god bless him travel safe my friend, it was an honour to know you McBasil, my love to you Karen , Alan xx

  2. I’m so sad for your loss. I had a sleepless night when he wasn’t well last year you had an extra year you were blessed.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about McBasil….I also imagined him there with you when I looked at your pictures or read your good morning and see you tomorrow notes….he’ll always be there and you’ll see him again when your time comes…I think you should get another puppy sometime soon because McBasil knows you need that and he’s ok with it…he was and is a very special friend and now he’ll watch over you…get that puppy….McBasil will be happy for you….he’s in a great place…hugs…me

  4. It has been almost a year since we lost our “One in a Million” although it seems like yesterday. We have two more boys who we adore, but our Oliver was unforgettable. Godspeed McBasil. Run in peace!

  5. This is devastating news, Karen, I feared the worst when there were no further posts and comments from you this morning. I am heartbroken for you, there will be hard days ahead but they will get easier. Remember the good times you had and allow yourself to smile. The tears will dry up all by themselves, eventually, just give it time. xx

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. Our dogs are family, and losing them can be devastating. I’m hoping the many fond memories you have of times spent together help you through the coming days.

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