A New Chapter …

Was absolutely heart breaking and gut wrenching losing McBasil.
For a week, I just kept myself to myself, I was grieving so much and I was absolutely lost.
A part of me went with him I think.
And whilst we all know the score with our dogs, I was just not prepared to say goodbye to McBasil.

I was overwhelmed, by the amount of comments and messages etc received, each one was much appreciated and my partner Alistair has been a great support here at home.
With it been the first time ever in my life, that I have not had a Dog, conversation soon turned to that fact.
And it was agreed it, that we would welcome another Poodle into our lives.

Last week, I went down to Yorkshire to stay with my parents for a few days and to try and keep a long story short, Alistair would come and meet me on my return at Perth Railway Station on Sunday evening and there in the vehicle with him, was a 5month old brown Poodle!!
So now a new chapter begins!
Alistair thought brown was best, so I wouldn’t compare to McBasil, that it would do both the pup and myself good.
Well, this pup couldn’t be more different to McBasil if he tried.
We got him home and he was a complete bag of nerves, never been in the house, or on the lead. He was cowering at passing vehicles yesterday and about jumped out of his skin at the washing hung out on the line! So I really had my work cut out.
But so pleased to say, have seen some progress already.
It is of course bittersweet!
He can’t replace McBasil and the tears still come, but he is a new focus and needs lots of love and TLC.
And I need to now pick McBasils things up off from the room floors and make way for the pups, let him know, that it is now his home.
To do this, of course came a trip to the Pet Shop and this has helped the puppy come out of his shell already. He hasn’t stopped playing with his new Duck toy and went straight to his new dishes. (Though he wasn’t very impressed, when one of the Kittens went to his dishes this morning!)
And late last night, he showed some mischievous puppy in him and we had our first bonding moment.
We both need time to adjust, to build that trust in each other and form ‘that’ permanent bond.
To be totally honest, yesterday morning, I was just not sure, was I up to it even? But Alistair and a couple of close friends reassured me, told me to stick with it, that pup and I could do it.
And having now spent some time with this pup, I see and feel it is right. We were meant to meet and he was meant to be here. And am looking forward to the adventures which lay ahead, to travelling together and to getting out with the McNikon together and I am sure McBasil will be with us along the way.
So, everyone, let me now introduce you all to the new pup ….. ‘Barclay’
I reckon he will keep us on our toes, even though I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet lol   Karen x




8 thoughts on “A New Chapter …

  1. Well…..what a surprise, what can I say! Welcome Barclay, is probably appropriate! I am so pleased for you Karen, and how thoughtful is that of Alistair. I know you will have McBasil forever in your heart, but this new arrival will help with the grieving and the adjustment to life without him, of that I am sure. While there is another dog in the family now, Barclay can never take McBasil’s place, and I don’t think he needs to. Your heart is big enough to let another in! Enjoy the ride xx

  2. Karen….I’m so happy for you….I have felt all along that this is what McBasil wants for you….nothing can replace the memories made with McBasil, but Barclay will be there to ease your hurts and put a smile on your face again….to making new memories…God bless…Marilyn

  3. Happy Barclay has found such a wonderful, loving, owner. Wonderful of your partner to get you such a sweet dog. Barclay is going to have many wonderful years with you enjoying the many beautiful walks you will take together..

  4. I am so happy you have a new four legged friend in your life, I felt your pain, brought back my own grief. Like you I too have a new friend … they are the best.

  5. I was so sorry to hear of the passing of McBasil, it’s gut wrenching isn’t it. We know that awful day will come, but that still doesn’t make it any easier. I’m glad to see you have a new pup, Barclay wont replace McBasil, but you will grow to love him every bit as much. xx

  6. What an absolute beauty Barclay is! 🙂 Absolutely loved reading your ‘New Chapter’ update. So pleased you’ve given it a chance. Laird McBasil will be most proud of you. Gosh! Much has happened since we last caught up! So very happy for you! :-)) There are many happy adventures ahead for you and the gorgeous Barclay! Can’t wait to hear about them :-)) Much love to you and big hugs for Barclay xxx

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