The Images You Don’t See …

Scotland and Nature, they are the images which I publish on social Media etc, they are my loves, but my hard-drives show quite an eclectic mixture, from personal ones, to varied work shots, there is a good chance you’ll have seen an image of mine, without even knowing, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones from that eclectic mixture with you…

There are the personal ones aka ‘The Selfies’ (Including a naughty McBasil)…

This is us
This is us
Alistair & Barclay
Alistair & Barclay
McBasil & I at Sanna
McBasil; & I at Sanna

_KEA0756 _KEA0702 _KEA0059


















Then there are a few other folk, who I just had to capture…

On-The-Pens _KEA9778 _KEA9244 _KEA5103









I do actually like shooting people, in my own way …
2x_KEA5257 _KEA5715 _KEA5649 _KEA5604 _KEA1710
















One day, my good friend Alan, who is a professional Photographer based in Yorkshire, asked me if I wanted to go over to his place and spend the day in his studio shooting food, away I went, but been an outdoor type of lass, I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it much. How wrong was I !!!
It wasnt months later, before I was shooting food at home & contacting Bowens to get rigged up with my own lights & studio!
And as my partner Alistair will tell you, I pretty much need a room for props alone.
Am currently without a studio & gallery at present, which is driving me (And Alistair) mad, as the house has been taken over lol
Here are a sample of some of the food shots I do…
KEA1947 KEA_8484 KEA_8057 KEA_7470










KEA_7432 KEA_5919 KEA_1420 1KEA5746












I get asked to shoot a variety of other things too! …

KEA0994KEA_2894 _KEA7234 _KEA6302 _KEA5356 _KEA1497 _KEA5736 _KEA4111 _KEA0807 _KEA0565



















And then theres ones for my own personal use, memories from Ardmair kitchen window, sightings of Birds at places for me to record, measuring of Starfish & the odd image like the crossing Gannets, which I oh so wish had worked …
_KEA8334 _KEA8306 _KEA7650 _KEA7295 _KEA5593 _KEA5546 _KEA3123



















Hope you have enjoyed viewing this wee mix
Karen x








2 thoughts on “The Images You Don’t See …

  1. A great collection of images Karen. Are you again tempting me into other areas. My hat images have done quite well on various sites (I wonder where I obtained the idea?).

  2. It’s all of the images which make and describe a photographer, not just the ones we are usually allowed to see, but also the fails, the personal ones, the ones that have meaning maybe to only one person. I love your photographs, it is a very entertaining mix, educational too!

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