Incredibly Happy …

Today I am busy mounting prints for an order and an exhibition, Barclay is running amok outside and Ali the Joiner is busy working on the new gallery.
I have just finished mounting The Dustcart and as always when I see an image of McBasil, along comes a pang of sadness and heartache for my old mate, though, sat staring at the image for a while, I realised how far I have come on The Journey and how incredibly happy I am.

I miss McB every day, but I am in a new chapter now and as always, I have to give thanks to my parents and to Alistair, for their constant support, as it is partly down to them that I am able to live the life I lead.
I also thank friends old and new, for support and encouragement.
You all make it possible and worth while.

Am very blessed, very happy & very content.
I don’t think I could ask for much more.
Karen x

The Dustcart



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