The Day the iPhone Died??… 

An unusual post for me, but that is because I find myself in unusual territory. 

You see,  I have got a new phone. No big shakes you may think, but it is for me, my beloved iPhone has been replaced with an Android!  A oneplus 3.                       I have been using Apple for what seems an age now and am a huge fan, it just works.                                                                  But, of late, my 5s has been getting slower, been unresponsive and just doing some pretty strange things.                I got tired of resetting etc.                             I did get a 6+, but I literally started getting headaches with it,  I didn’t think it was as good as the 5s and away it went to a new home. 
The other week,  my dear friend Dawn was up for a wee visit and I would take a couple of days off so we could go the touristy thing.                                                     The iPhone was acting even worse than usual and I was really struggling to get any photos with it.                                           We visited the Queens View at Loch Tummel and of course I had the McNikon with me and as usual when at such places, folk will often ask for their photograph to be taken, this I don’t mind in the least, first up, was a Japanese couple, he was carrying a Nikon, so even better & it was a tad embarrassing when he was wowing and squealing with delight over the shot, but a simple please get it off auto and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat (If only it was always that simple), anyhow, no sooner had the now happy Japanese couple departed, an American couple appeared, again, would I mind taking their photo and the guy passed me a phone. Now this thing felt good!  I took the image, asked him to double check it, he was another happy customer and showed me it. Wow, this image was crammed with detail and colour and had fantastic clarity, OK, what was this phone!                                                                   He then went on to tell me about the next big thing, the Oneplus 3.                       He used to be an avid iPhone fan, but was less than impressed with the 6s, had problems, then happened to read about the Oneplus and decided to give it a go and he said he hasn’t looked back and that he had no intention returning to Apple anytime soon.                                        

As the next day wore on, me iPhone was getting even worse!                                           Took an image of us lunching at Braemar, we were back home and planning an evening out before it loaded up onto Facebook!                                              I posted on Facebook, had anyone heard of Oneplus, got a few, what? But, then got a yes, this phone blows everything else out of the water!

So, here I am now, tip tapping this post on the Oneplus 3.                                               And I still can’t believe I’m on Android.    And I am torn!                                                    I haven’t even had it a day yet and am constantly questioning myself.                     Should I have waited and gone for the iPhone 7?                                                              Do I NEED the iPhone7?                                  I have a very early Christmas present arriving next week, my mum’s iPad, mum bless, just isn’t into tech & gadgets etc, so being the dutiful daughter iam, I offered to take it off her hands.                    With that arriving, do I still need the 7!    As said, I am so torn.

The Oneplus is so light, you don’t know you are holding/carrying it.                            There does definitely seem to be more, well, easier control of the camera.               And the screen is crystal clear, with colours packing a punch.                                 I have been viewing a wide range of images from different photographers on Facebook and wow they stand out, also, I can’t believe how bad the quality of my 5s photos seem!                                                  The Oneplus, has dash charge, 30min and it is fully charged. Went to bed last night, without having it plugged into the mains and there was huge amount of battery life left!                                                   I certainly couldn’t have done that with the iPhone, even the 6 was plugged in, though, I did find the battery on the 6 to be dire!                                                                   I don’t know how many times the iPhone is on charge a day! This still hasn’t been on charge yet.                                                      And the Oneplus is super fast!                    It is so fast, that I find it ultra sensitive, if I hover on a button too long, some other option will pop uo.                                I like the swift keyboard, but just had to change back to the Google one since beginning to type this, as it’s typing double words?                                                     I don’t like, well, just aren’t used to the notifications on Android. I miss those wee numbers popping up on the top corner of apps, so much easier for me to see.                                                                         Apps, I had so many on iPhone and sadly can’t find some of my favourites on Android.                                                               As said, I find the camera easier, but, am not liking the gallery up to now. Apple wins hands down on that.                               Have had no problem getting my icloud mail and apple music transferred onto the Oneplus, but of course, Contacts and Calendars not so.                                               I am a huge fan of Otterbox Phone Cases, don’t know how many times I have dropped an iPhone in the past and Otterbox has always saved the day, so, I ordered one for the Oneplus, it is OK, but not a patch on the iPhone ones.

Have only take a handful of images so far and mainly in the low light last night and when I know me old 5s wouldn’t have done the job, so will add them to the end of this post.                                                          This post, it is mainly to help me think things out, Oneplus or iPhone and hopefully, if you have read my ramblings this far, then you’ll say whether your an iPhone or an Android fan.                               And this post, it’s been difficult for me to do, it’s that ultra sensitivity thing with a combination of my thumb and me just nae been used to Android. Fantastic to view, but I’ve struggled typing it.            Just adding the images and have to say, it has actually been a breeze adding watermark and uploading.                              No edits, just exactly as they are out of camera.

So, will I stick with the Oneplus 3, or return to Apple???                                              Karen x


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