I Need Your Opinion Please… 

Slowly (Albeit VERY) and surely, things are coming together here at Tulloch.   

There is method in my madness of running the Airbnb, Wee Scottish Gallery & of course my Photography  and those of you who have visited us, can see where things are (Hopefully) heading. 

The three are beginning to gel together. 

That is, apart from on Social Media! 

As most of you will know, I am running three different Pages for them, that is as well as been an Admin and helping with other Pages on Facebook. 

The Photography Page is going to change slightly in the near future and what I would really like to know from you all is, how would YOU feel about the 3 Facebook Pages merging and becoming one?? 

All three, are now obviously based here at Tulloch and as said are beginning to work together. As you’ll know, sometimes the Pages cross over with the same posts. 

Or, would you like the three to stay separate?? 

Feedback will be much appreciated             –  Karen – x 


3 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion Please… 

  1. Hi Karen, I think you should combine the three although coming up with an inclusive name might be a challenge. I do 3 FB pages too and it can be a real trial to post on all of them – something is going to get left behind. Besides those of us who are ‘friends’ want to know about your life and to see your photos. I think combining them will make your life easier. so go for it!

  2. Personally, I would combine them, too. I have thought about this for my own pages, and indeed my blogs, too. However, the reason that I separated them in the first place, was to cater for folk who follow one, but are completely uninterested in the other, that may be an issue with your pages, too. I am finding that running several pages – and that is on one platform, it’s mayhem when you use a few – takes up precious time, and I am considering merging. Certainly in your case, the Wee Gallery and your photography page would be a logical merger. As for the B&B one, it could be a problem for some people, but for your own sanity putting the three pages in a melting pot could be a sensible decision, surely. You are running blogs, too, perhaps you can make more of a distinction using sub categories there, and link back to them from Facebook when you post there.
    I agree with the previous commenter, a name to cover everything could be tricky 😉

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