The Sad Story of Knock Castle …

Knock – An Cnoc, meaning ‘Hill’.

Last week, I took our AirBnb guests, Benjamin & Talise, out for the day.
And one of our stopping points, was at Knock Castle at Glen Muick.
Talise is from Brazil and one of her wishes was to see a ruined Castle and I had not actually been here before either, so it seemed a great choice.
Finding it wasn’t so easy, as it isn’t signposted and the only clues are, a row of cottages called Knock Cottages and stone walls, which obviously used to be a boundary once over.
After flagging down a passing van and with Benjamins navigation, we saw this stone track heading up hill through a wood, yes, I did drive up it, though you may prefer to walk if you visit.
As we headed out of the trees, we saw the lonely looking Castle across a field.

It is called a Castle, but is actually a Tower-House, which were the traditional homes of the Scottish Lairds.
It was built in the 16th century, small in scale, but was was four storeys high, all floors linked by a spiral staircase, part of which is still visible.

Knock Castle, was home to the Gordons family, it had been granted to them by the fourth earl of Huntly.
The Gordons, had an ongoing feud with the Forbes, which worsened after the Gordons were defeated at Corrichie by the Mary, Queen of Scots in 1564.
Henry Gordon, 2nd of Knock, was killed in a raid by a group of Forbes men and Clan Chatten men.
Henry was then succeeded by his brother Alexander and the feud with the Forbes still continued.

One day, Alexanders seven sons, went out to cut peat and they accidentally strayed onto land belonging to the Forbes.
They were seen and the Forbes Laird and his men attacked and killed all seven sons, they severed their heads, which they then tied to the Peat-cutting Spades, leaving them stuck in the ground there.
A Servant from Knock was sent out with a meal for the young men, it was he who found the gruesome sight.
He fled back to the Castle, to tell of this dreadful news.
And they say, that when Alexander Gordon heard this news and the fate of his sons, that he fell down the spiral staircase to his death.

The Forbes were executed for the attack and here ends the sad story of Knock Castle.

– Karen -x

Knock Castle


The view from Knock Castle


The entrance
Remains of the Spiral Staircase


Benjamin & Talise
Definitely nae a 16th century door!

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