Out With The Old & In With The New…

These last two weeks, have been somewhat more chaotic than usual, as we have had the workmen in!
There are numerous jobs in need of doing here at Tulloch, but what we really needed doing in the house first, was a new Shower for the Guest Room.
Also, I wanted to get the Kitchen sorted, so it was more user friendly and workable for us and all our guests.
So who better to enlist to tackle these jobs other than Jim & David from AJM Property Renovations

And…. Tah Dah the jobs are completed.

I collect Scotland and Nature books and had a small bookcase in the Kitchen with books I thought would be useful for our guests, but it was just looking lost, clumsy etc
I have been carrying around this idea in my head now for a while, it was a new shelve system to replace the bookcase, but me trying to relay that idea to Jim & David, was another thing all together!
So, we would go visual, with me laying out all books etc in order on how I would like to display them, with other added sections for Mr Fox, First Aid Box, Sewing Box, Games etc
Jim & David got their heads together and began work in a shed outside, I would wait apprehensively, did they get what I meant??!
Well, yes they did!
When it came to carrying in the finished project, I was literally squealing with delight.
They had managed to interpret my idea perfectly.
Also, the Fridge was a bit of a white elephant, so we decided to lose some kitchen units to get it fitted in and we would make a walk in Pantry, which I just love.

Have now been busy cleaning down and putting everything in their new places and then getting ready for this evenings guests, who will be first to try out the new Shower Room.
It has been so worth it, just a few alterations has made all the difference.
And all we need to do now, is decorate the kitchen!
Any volunteers, please step forward, free holiday for any painters!
– Karen – x



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