Art At The Old Coaching House…

A while ago, I answered the telephone to a guy called Tek, who, after introducing himself  ran an idea by me that had come to him during the night, now I like those type of ideas and I also like enthusiastic folk, Tek, is one of those folks.
This was to involve some other local artists and a first meeting was arranged and the Gallery Committee was formed.

We move forward several weeks and I am happy to be sharing with you the following announcement…..

Kirkmichael Hotel Opening Thursday Nov 30th 5pm.

Owner of the Kirkmichael Hotel, Tek Marciniak, is proud to announce the re-opening of the establishment under the direction of General Manager, Marianne Frew of Pitcarmick.

Marianne Frew, holds a B.A. In Hospitality and Tourism from University of the Highlands and Islands and has a varied back-ground in the hospitality industry. She recently served on the staff of the Hospitality Department at Perth College, UHI.

This wonderful Victorian era Coaching House, having welcomed travellers for more than a century and a half, is opening with the vision of re-creating that warm and welcoming shelter for all in need of a home-away-from-home.

This “Sportsman’s Refuge” is aimed to cater to the Shooter, Angler, Hill Walker, Cyclist, Skier and all Out-door Enthusiasts.

With the crackling fireplace and decor in the Horse & Hounds Pub we hope to take you to a bygone era.

Our menu will be based on a quality, home cooked presentation of traditional Scottish fare with a selection of eclectic “Specials”.

We are delighted to be welcoming our Chef Gregorio Montero who originates from Andalucia, Spain and who brings with him a wealth of flavours and culinary skills . As well as traditional Scottish and British Home Cooking, we are very excited at the prospect of being able to offer a more eclectic mix of  dishes ; from old favourites to interesting plates  from around the world; however; our Tapas Menu will be a sure winner with those  looking for a little snack and a relaxing drink in a welcoming environment.and look out for our Paella and Themed Nights throughout the Winter, including the opportunity to sample some authentic Indian Cooking when in February we are delighted to be holding a special event for our visiting guest Indian Chef. Dates will be confirmed in due course and we will post all details on Newsgroup to ensure that no-one misses out on these great nights.

Our aim is to make this not just a restaurant and pub to visit for a meal and a drink; we envision a place to have fun amidst good company. To accept the cards wherever they may fall; the adventurer, the traveler, the romantic; we care naught for dull repetition.

We are especially excited to announce the opening of the “Art Gallery & Tea Room”; a rotating exhibition of the works of local and nationally known artists. You can enjoy, and indeed purchase, these works, whilst sampling our traditional table fare and home baking.

The seminal art exhibition will comprise of the works of Karen Appleyard, Michelle Hewitt, Andrew Hunter, Kate Kirby, Margaret Mitchell and Trevor Taylor  (Please click highlighted to visit artists sites).

We can be reached at 01250 881769 and through our web site .

We plan to open for business as of Thursday, November 30, from 5pm

Tek would like offer the hotel to serve as a base for community activities including a Walking Club, Angling Club, Equestrian Club, Music Club, Book Club and a group interested in improving  a basic usage of the Spanish language.  He looks forward to hearing from any interested parties; especially anyone who would consider chairing these activities.

As writing this, I raise a glass to Tek and the Kirkmichael Hotel and this new venture, of which I am proud to be a small part of and happy to be working with Tek, Marianne & fellow artists, heres to new beginnings
– Karen – x



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