Tulloch Quiz 2017 …

Now if you have stayed with us here at Tulloch, then you will know, that we like to throw in wee extras for our guests and one of those extras, is the Tulloch Quiz (And the 2018 quiz is already underway)!

It has been running all of 2017.
20 questions, needing 20 answers, all of which can be found at Tulloch.
Not everyone took part, but most of you did and the time has come to reveal the answers we were looking for AND to reveal the overall winner, who will receive a signed print by yours truly.
I will also share some of the incorrect answers we received (But dinnae worry, I won’t reveal who gave them)
The winners will be posted at the end of the answers! Yes, did say winners, we have decided to give away 2 prizes!
– Karen – x

1. What don’t Sheep know? = The Green Cross Code
Some answered … The Road, Algerbaa, How to shut gates, Nothing, Everything, We think there maybe a joke to this?, How to cook, Sorry We think we lose!
2. How Far to the Glen of Fairies from Tulloch? = 15 mile
Most of you got that one, though someone said 190 mile and another was About 2hrs by car
3. What is the name of the Stag in your room? = Derek
Some answered …Dennis, Stanley, Sammy, Donkett, Buster, Donald, Kevin, Pace (Spanish name), Cant remember & feel too bad to ask!
4. Which River flows below Tulloch? = River Ardle
it wasn’t , The Tay, Tummel or Shee Water.
5. Where did Karen live before Tulloch? = Ardmair
6. Anagram (one word) of Hunch Doe = Enochdhu
7. What breed of Dog is Barclay? = Standard poodle
Royal Poodle was allowed, as was Caniche Royal, so was Spoiled Poodle, An Adorable Poodle & Poodly, but not an Irish Water Spaniel.
8. What is Barclay’s 5th rule? = Play Fetch
Some said: Obey the first 4 lol, or Keep Doors Shut & Don’t leave things lying around.
9. What Animal is on front of the green bin? = Squirrel
Not Stag or Deers
10. What Fish is Pitlochry well know for? = Salmon
But, some folk said… Trout & someone answered Haddock
11. Numenius arquata is one of Karens favourite birds & can be found on page 141, what is it? = Curlew
12. What does Alistair do for a living? = A Farmer
Other answers given … Work, Photographer, Eats Eggs & Bacon, Gets up at 5am, Helps with B&B & Gallery (I wish lol), Fisherman and finally… Monster Hunter at Loch Ness (Brilliant)!
13. Who wrote Ring of Bright Water = Gavin Maxwell
Sorry, but the answer J R Hartley wasn’t correct 😉
14. Who is ON BOARD & MAKES RANDOM STOPS? = Photographer
Some other answers were… Sheep on a Boat, Barclay (To be fair, that is often true), Us to take pictures of landscape, Trivial Pursuit Players and An Alcoholic Bus Driver.
15. Who did Mel Gibson play in Braveheart? = William Wallace
Someone said: Mac
16. Which Glen & River start just down the road from Tulloch? = Fearnach or Brerachan
17. Anagram (One word) Mac Hiker Ilk? = Kirkmichael
18. The Flower of Scotland is? = A Thistle
Some answered with A Song
19. The Capital of Scotland is? = Edinburgh
20. And what was the former capital? = Perth
Though, this is often up for debate! Some other answers were.. Stirling, Dunfermline, Scone, Elgin and Glasgow

CONGRATULATIONS to Richard & Linda and to Beth 🏆🏆 (I will be in touch soon)



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